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Posturest Lux


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Posturest Lux

  • Height: 25cm
  • Firmness
    • Medium feel: 2.5cm D65 Latex + Medium pocket springs
    • Firm feel: 2.5cm D65 Latex + Firm pocket springs
  • Specs:
    • Entry range latex and pocket spring mattress full latex mattress, using 2.5cm of our EcoCertified, 100% organic Natural Latex cushioning
      • We only use the world’s best quality EarthFoam GOLS certified organic natural latex rubber
    • A great option enjoying the perks of latex without breaking the bank! Enjoy 2.5cm of latex padding, backed up by the support of superior pocket spring technology.
    • Get the best of both worlds of comfort & support
      • Unlike a traditional spring mattress, that uses petrochemical toppings that are the number 1 culprit of early wear spots, indentations, and a hot and sweaty sleep – we circumvent this entirely by swapping these toxic layers for a luscious 2.5cm slab of our EarthFoam GOLS certified organic natural latex rubber.
      • Our pocket springs are the only spring system on the market that is not conventionally wire-tied such as traditional inner springs. Each spring has its own individual pocket and can articulate freely, without pulling down adjacent springs in wired tied systems. This means superior body conformance and less partner disturbance.
      • We don’t take shortcuts with our mattresses – All our hybrid mattresses are built with a purposeful full firm-edge side cushioning box. This best supports the mattress and ensures you don’t roll off the side of your bed!
      • Real time conformance & support – the latex rubber conforms and relieves pressure as you sleep on the mattress in real time as you move (not slow recovery / quicksand feeling that you experience with memory foam), and simultaneously pushes back and supports you.
      • Bang for your buck – meaningful latex cushioning, great pocket springs and firm edge cushioning features included means you are getting the most supportive mattress money can buy you without breaking the bank!
    • Our hybrid mattress range comes standard with a high quality stretch knit quilted fabric that adds an extra layer of plush comfort.
    • Add on option: Enhance the temperature smartness of your mattress enjoy the benefits of an organic certified cover material
      • Our budget friendly temperature-cool smart keeps your body in a temperature equilibrium depending on the temperature. Cool during summer, warm during winter.
      • Want a fully organic, healthy cover option? We also offer a GOTS certified organic cotton fabric cover option.
    • Australian made quality – don’t put up with the risk of getting stuck with a cheaply made imported mattress from an online reseller where you don’t even know what you are buying. All our mattresses are custom made direct to order at our Melbourne factory. Come in and try choosing from our entire range with the help of one of our experienced bedding consultants, to ensure you choose the right mattress for yourself!

Product Sizes

Mattress Sizes

  • Sizes:
    • Super King: w: 203cm, l: 203cm
    • King Split: w: 183cm, l: 203cm overall | made of 2x mattress is w: 91cm, l: 203cm
    • King: w: 183cm, l: 203cm
    • Queen Split: w: 152cm, l: 203cm | made of 2x mattress is w: 76cm, l: 203cm
    • Queen: w: 152cm, l: 203cm
    • Double: w: 138cm, l:190cm
    • King Single: 107cm, l:203cm
    • Long Single: 91cm, l:203cm
    • Single 91cm, l:190cm
  • We offer a custom mattress design service to fit any size or purpose (caravans, swags, boat beds, aircraft rest beds and more!). Please call 90421173 for a quotation.

Base Sizes

  • Sizes: see mattress dimensions for width & length
  • Low profile platform base: h: 16cm
  • Standard profile platform base: h: 22cm
  • C-bridge base: h: 42cm
  • Trundle base: h: 42cm
  • Variable leg plastic glide heights OR caster wheels (can be placed on any base): 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm
  • Metal diecast alloy (black & gold) options: 15cm – $25ea.
  • Wood leg (solid oak legs) options: 14.5cm – $12ea.

Headboard Sizes

  • Standard headboard:
    • All: h: 130cm, depth: 12cm
    • King: 193cm
    • Queen: 163cm
    • Double: 147cm
    • King Single: 117cm
    • Long single / Single: 102cm
  • We have a range of Australian hand-made wood bases, headboards, and bedside tables furniture using solid timbers. Please call Please call 90421173 for a quotation or to receive a catalog.
  • We offer a bespoke headboard design service to make any headboard design and size. Please call 90421173 for a quotation.

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King, Queen, Double, King Single, Single


Medium, Firm

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